World Political Map

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Dimensions : The default printing size of JPG image is 14.40 X 10.65 Inches and size of vector formats can be increased or decreased.

Major Features/Layers in Vector File: Boundary, Coastline, Copyright and scale, Country Fill, Equator or Prime Meridian, Grid Polyline, International Boundary, North-Symbol, Sea, Sea-Names, Text, Title

The World Political Map is a multi-colored skillfully drawn map showing all the countries of the world with their international boundaries and major water bodies. Drawn to scale, the map also shows the equator dividing the earth in northern and southern hemisphere and prime meridian dividing the earth in eastern and western hemisphere. Map is available in editable vector files along with JPG format available in two resolution 72 and 300 DPI. Layered AI, EPS and PDF are editable vector files which can be easily mofidied with the help of software. This easily downloadable map is available in different resolutions without watermark. This map has multiple usage options; such as it can be used by anyone for general studies, presentations, projects works etc. You can also buy Large Vector World Map (28 X 21 Inch).

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